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Most say it takes strategy; others get by on just luck. However you play, all can agree that the very popular game of Blackjack is great fun! Also known as 21, the object of this game is get closer to 21 than the dealer, without going over. Blackjack is often a favorite game for those who are novice gamblers, as the rules are simple to learn and the betting strategy is straightforward.


One of the most high action games at casinos, Craps is sure to get your group rowdy with excitement. Our professional dealers will walk your guests through the rules, and show you the best betting techniques.


Step right up and place your bets – Roulette is one of the oldest casino games played today. It’s simple to follow, and the payouts are quite logical, making this a staple at your next event. Casino Productions uses tables that feature top quality materials and craftsmanship guaranteeing that every game is fair and fun!

Texas Hold 'Em Poker

From tournaments, to home games, Casino Productions can provide everything you need for your poker game to feel like the World Series of Poker. We take all of the guesswork out of producing and running a successful poker tournament.

Consider using a poker tournament to create a unique experience for your sales staff, employees, friends or association. As the action and strategy flow between tables, players learn new things about each other, and build camaraderie. Adding a few poker tables to any party can be a great way to give your guests the challenge of playing each other and the thrill of betting big.

Wheel of Fortune

Perhaps one of the simplest casino games to play; with just one spin of the wheel you can win big! Odds are displayed on the wheel, and guests wager on the outcome of a spin.

Casino Productions can also customize your own Wheel of Fortune for prize giveaways or promotions.

Slot Machines

Nothing is more recognizable at a casino than the flashing lights and joyful sounds of a slot machine. Also known as a one-armed-bandit, these signature machines are a must-have at your next party. Casino Productions offers several different varieties and styles to fit your theme. Our machines are easy to set up and fun to play!

It’s Not Just About the Games

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