Casino Party Experts in Boston since 1980

Our People


Our staff doesn’t just look good . . . they are dedicated to ensuring that every guest has a memorable experience. Formally attired, our engaging dealers add class and style to every game. Our team consists of friendly, patient professionals and wouldn’t be complete without a tuxedo clad pit-boss to keep everything running smoothly. From first-time players to seasoned gamblers, we work with all skill levels to make everyone feel like a high roller!


Elevate your event with a backdrop of music perfectly suited to your theme. We have an extensive music collection with a wide range of songs for all tastes, playing through a high quality sound system. Whether it’s mellow background music or high voltage tunes, our DJs are accustomed to providing the perfect atmosphere for your function.   Check out our Extreme Bingo where the songs you love are the keys to a winning game of Bingo.


You and your guests will be amazed and baffled!  Up close and personal, and leaving you breathless.  “How did he do that?”  Our award-winning performer is full of wit, comedy, charm, stunning slight-of-hand tricks, and amazing mind reading, and has been entertaining audiences since 1998.

Elvis, Marilyn, or Other Celebrity Impersonators

Bring that interaction with the guests.  Have Elvis and/or Marilyn serenade the guests with some of the classic hits (Marilyn is great for “Happy Birthday”, even if you aren’t the president).  Give you guests great photos opportunities with these celebrity impersonators.

It’s Not Just About the Games

It’s About the Experience!